Hi there! We are overjoyed that you found us.

Take your time to get to know us and get inspired by our unique nature. We accompany you on your path of life, during rituals, a meditation, your yoga practice or simply whenever you feel like igniting us.

My sisters and me are made from German rapeseed stearin. We are all vegan and produced completely without palm oil, without paraffins, without soy or genetic engineering. With this, our parents try to fulfil highly ecological and ethical requirements.

Our complete family contains natural essential oils and/or macerations of wild gathered herbs.The unusual and mild fragrance compositions activates your subconscious during combustion.

Our special hallmarks are the embossing on both sides, the rustic backside and an exceptional crystalline structure. We are individually manufactured by hand in many work steps. We are only allowed to travel into the world after careful controls.

We appear at your side during certain stages of life and enlighten the way. Choose us as your wise companion at central crossroads!

If you prefer avoiding fragrances, allergenics and colouring agents we will enlighten your life. Enjoy our authenticity!

We open a gate to your main energy centres to harmonise your vital energy. Strengthen and activate the flow of your life energy!

Together with you we want to celebrate the magic moments of special events in mindfulness and awe.

We eight annual circle candles symbolize the seasonal feasts of Celtic mythology – thus we honour the eternal cycle of nature. Reconcile with the rhythm of nature!

The twelve zodiac signs symbolize the moment of your birth and are associated with the four elements. Let yourself be moved by the magic of the stars and the universe.