About the philosophy behind our candles

My name is Kerstin, I‘m an alternative practitioner and I work a lot with the life energy Qi in my practice. During the last few years I noticed that my patients mental stress increased. I felt the desire to provide positive energetic support in an easily accessible manner, even at home.

The product was swiftly found - but only after a long search we found the rapeseed stearin with a unique energetic oscillation pattern. The technical part with the individual casting molds demanded a lot from my husband.

After a lot of hard work, my candles can now accompany your various needs: Life paths, rituals, meditations, yoga or simply when you feel like it. I‘m sure your loved ones will also be happy about such a special gift!

My sisters and I are made from German rapeseed stearin. Local rapeseed stearin does not make a world tour like palm oil
stearin and therefore is CO2-neutral. Not a
single tree had to be cut down for us.

Me and my relatives are produced without palm oil, without paraffins, without soy and are vegan. With this, our parents try to fulfill highly ecological and ethical requirements.

Our complete family contains pure natural essential oils from bushes, trees, resins, leaves, fruits, blossoms, roots, medical plants, herbs.The unusual and mild fragrance compositions activates your subconsciousness during combustion.

We are unique candle sculptures with poured in embossings, a rustic backside and an exceptional crystalline structure. We are manufactured by hand in many work steps.

You have probably already noticed that we do not provide scent information. This is intentional, because our candles should work energetically, scent information would mislead you. Only color, theme, affirmation and your gut feeling should lead you to your candle!

We are individually manufactured by hand in many work steps. We are only allowed to travel into the world from beautiful Bavaria, after careful controls.