Earth healing (R1) | 180g | 22h

My energy rebalances the Earth's vibrational field and guides Mother Earth on the path of healing. Ignite me and feel my power.

The special ingredients: Agnihotra ash (vedic fire ritual to purify the atmosphere), macerate mixture of a female and male tree species, palosanto oil (sacred tree from Peru).

Series RITUALCOMPANIONS: Since time immemorial, rituals have served to shape human interaction. Ritual acts are used to express homage to spiritual forces, but also to convey a sense of security and trust through the structured process. Let's rekindle these traditional rites.

All KRAFT:KERZEN: Me and my sisters are made from German rapeseed stearin. We are vegan, without palm-oil, without paraffins, without soy, without genetic engineering. With this, our parents try to fulfil highly ecological and ethical requirements. Our complete family contains natural essential oils and/or macerations of wild gathered herbs. Our special hallmarks are the semicircular shape, the embossing on both sides, the rustic backside and an exceptional crystalline structure. We are individually manufactured by hand in many work steps.

Content: 1 piece
180 g
ID: 676 / 1672

Packaging: 180x43x43 mm
GTIN13: 4260103663847
TARIFF: 34060000

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Content 1 piece
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