Buddha Meditation (F2) | Cast stone antique | 2.0 kg | 21 cm

Dhyana Mudra helps to find one's center. Dhyana Mudra supports meditation.

In this Buddha, the hands are in the lap, with the back of the left hand resting in the palm of the right hand. The thumbs touch and form a triangle. The mudra helps to center oneself and find one's center. It is said that Buddha used the Dhyana Mutra in his last meditation before he attained enlightenment.

STONE SCULPTURES: Handmade unique pieces imported directly from Bali from us. Frost and weather resistant for outdoor use. All items are handmade and may vary slightly in shape, finish, level of detail and color.

Content: 1 piece
2000 g
ID: 678 / 1674

Packaging: 160x130x210 mm
GTIN13: 4260103660518
TARIFF: 97039000

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Content 1 piece
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